An Image component in an Adaptive Form is a way to include images in a form. These images can be used to enhance the overall design of the form, provide additional information, or serve as a visual aid to help users understand the form's purpose. The image component can be used to add a logo, a photo, or a graphic in the form.

For accessibility, it is important to specify Alternate text to the image to provide a short, descriptive text alternative for the image, that describes the image to users who cannot see it.



Simple image with an asset referenced from DAM and no other configuration.

  1. jcr:title: Image
  2. description: <p>This is a long description.</p>
  3. fileReference: /content/dam/core-components-examples/library/sample-assets/lava-into-ocean.jpg
  4. tooltip: <p>This is a short description.</p>
  5. sling:resourceType: forms-components-examples/components/form/image
  6. fieldType: image
  7. tooltipVisible: true