Navigation allows an author to build a site navigation. Navigation structures can be built from live copies of a blueprint, language copies of a language master or from a simple page tree.

Using Core Components

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Simple navigation with no configuration applied. Shows a navigation structure built from a page tree. The navigation root is excluded by default.

Show Navigation Root

By default, the navigation root is excluded in the navigation structure. In this example we display it.

Skip Multiple Levels

Multiple root levels can be skipped. In this example we are skipping two, showing the main categories.

Navigation Structure Depth

By default, the navigation is built from all child pages. In this example, we again display the navigation root and reduce the structure depth to one. As a result, only one level from the navigation root is shown. 

  1. jcr:primaryType: nt:unstructured
  2. jcr:createdBy: admin
  3. startLevel: 2
  4. skipNavigationRoot: false
  5. jcr:lastModifiedBy: admin
  6. jcr:created:
  7. navigationRoot: /content/core-components-examples
  8. showHidden: true
  9. jcr:lastModified:
  10. hideCurrent: false
  11. sling:resourceType: core/wcm/components/navigation/v1/navigation
  12. collectAllPages: false
  13. structureDepth: 1